About Us

Redlands for Refugees is a church and community-based, grassroots organisation for those who are concerned for the well-being of refugees and people seeking asylum, and interested in offering them friendship, support and care.

It is not party political, but takes as its focus the value, quality and dignity of all human life; the need to treat people with respect and compassion; and for nations to act in accordance with UN-declared principles on human rights, refugees and the rights of children.

While based in, and focused on, the Redlands community on Brisbane’s bayside, it welcomes interest and involvement from people outside this area who share our concern.

Redlands for Refugees began with some concerned people at Trinity Uniting Church, Wellington Point, in October 2013, and word spread to several other churches. After an initial information session, the group has developed its interests in four broad areas:

1. Seeking to offer hospitality and friendship to people seeking asylum in the community. As there are virtually no people seeking asylum being housed in the Redlands, we linked up with the Romero Centre, a support agency for people seeking asylum run by the Sisters of Mercy in Dutton Park, who encouraged us to host groups of people seeking asylum for a day of recreation, food and friendship. The purpose would be not only to give them a lovely day out in a different part of the Brisbane area from what they’re used to, but these events would also enable interested residents in the Redlands to meet people seeking asylum in a relaxed setting, hear their stories, build relationships, and understand their needs. Over time, this might help us to identify other ways in which we might support them.

2. Offering opportunities for the Redlands community to be informed about people seeking asylum , and inviting them to respond. This could include film nights, guest speakers, information stalls at community events, etc.

3. Acknowledging the importance of religious and spiritual values for many people, and encouraging people of faith to become engaged in this issue. This could include prayer vigils, providing notices for church newsletters, promoting statements of concern made by Australian religious leaders, and offering prayers and other resources for use in church services.

4. Giving opportunity for members to participate in advocacy for the needs of people seeking asylum  and the need for government policies to protect the value, quality and dignity of human life. This could include making representation to federal politicians, participation in community-based rallies, writing letters to the media, etc.

Currently the group operates under the auspices of Trinity Uniting Church, Wellington Point, and holds its meetings there.